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This site is designed to be accessible and easy to use according to the Web Content Accessibility Guidelines (WCAG v1.0). If you find anything in this site — related to accessibility or validation – that does not comply with the said guidelines, please contact us at

Declaration of Accessibility

We are committed to using our knowledge and understanding of the ways different people access Internet in order to develop a website that is simple and easy to use by all people.


We have used HTML5 and CSS according to the respective specifications, compliant with the indications of W3C because we believe that usability and accessibility must have a solid foundation. If any aspect of this website does not validate correctly, please contact us.

We have also worked to achieve an AA accessibility level according to the aspects quantified with respect to WCAG 1.0. However, we realise that a number of the WCAG checkpoints are subjective and, although we are certain that we have honestly fulfilled them, there may be cases that are open to other interpretations.