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Casa Ardixarra, Centro de Interpretación Medieval

Interpretation Centre

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Centro de Interpretación Medieval (None)
Nagusia, 12
20214 - Segura (Gipuzkoa)

Apart from being one of the oldest houses in these surroundings, Ardixarra is one of the most emblematic buildings of Segura. It's construction dates back to the end of the 16th century. Earlier it was a workshop-house that a craftwork master or a trader ordered to build. This is a good example of what houses of Segura looked like shortly after the Middle Ages and one of the few urban wooden houses that are still standing. Three floors make up the building. The ground floor houses the tourist office and an audiovisual production related to Segura's history and culture. The materials used in those times constructions are on display on the first floor. Many other exhibitions also take place here. On the second floor the visitors will find the Medieval Interpretation Centre, which is the first of this kind in the Basque Country. The area is divided into three sections that review our culture in and easy and entertaining way. The History unit explains visitors the process carried out to establish a town (including Gipuzkoa towns), as well as maps, many documents, information about the Way of St. Jamesý As for the section known as Urbanism, we will find information in detail about Segura's urban morphology in the 15th and 16th centuries, the walls and plot division. The last section provides information about the social groups, fight between families, guilds and brotherhoods, as well as conflicts due to private and public areas. Moreover, the centre organises tours to the Old Town and church. Tickets Normal: 2 Euro Discount of 25% for groups of over 10 people. Free entrance for children up to 6 years old.


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Source of data: Basque Government. Tourism Department
Updated at: 2018-03-20


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